Pub Date: April 2016
El Leon Literary Arts and Manoa Books
ISBN 978-0-9891277-4-5
48 pp., $15

Small Press Distribution

Speaking in the voice of the endangered Snow Leopard, poet Jidi Majia conjures a mysterious, magnificent creature with a message about the consequences of unchecked violence toward animals—and equally about the violence that threatens the heart of the human species. He evokes a dramatic presence of Snow Leopard—the smoke-gray fur chased with a pattern of dark rosettes "spun from limitless space"; the long, thick tail for balance as it bounds across a cliff face; the pale green stare—an animal possessing both metaphorical weight and biological authority.

"I, Snow Leopard is both a lyric and an elegy. It is easy to imagine its lines being loudly hailed in whatever country the poem finds itself in. Its publication comes at a time when people everywhere have begun to wonder what a voice like this, suppressed for centuries, wishes to say now, in this moment when the Snow Leopard's human brothers and sisters find themselves side by side with him. Imperiled."—Barry Lopez