Manoa Journal: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

A publication of the University of Hawaii Press

Twice a year, MĀNOA publishes volumes that present outstanding contemporary writing—often in translation—from authors in Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas, focusing in particular on voices that are not well-known in the English-speaking world. Past volumes have featured new work from such places as the People’s Republic of China, Tibet, Nepal, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia, French Polynesia, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh—as well as work from Canada, Mexico, South America, the Russian Far East, and the Pacific Northwest.

Works in MĀNOA have been cited for excellence by the editors of such prize anthologies as Best American Short Stories, Best American Poetry, Best American Essays, Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards, and Pushcart Prize. MĀNOA has also received national awards for its design and editorial excellence.

Frank Stewart and the other editors at MĀNOA have consistently achieved a publication that manages to be rooted in a real locality without being provincial, and to present work of distinction without being predictable, maintaining vitality and surprise without struggling to be trendy. [MĀNOA] has grown from one more literary magazine into a unique international publication, each issue unlike any of its predecessors.
— W.S. Merwin
The work MĀNOA has done in bringing foreign authors to light in English has helped to spread unity and deeper understanding amongst cultures and countries. This is the real meaning of World Peace. Here’s to another twenty years of such great literary work!
— Leza Lowitz